We carefully designed a pair of binoculars that is perfect for kids. After a lot of market research, we understood parents were looking for a pair of kids binoculars with HIGH QUALITY OPTICS, but also a DURABLE BODY.

We came up with these amazing kids binoculars that are actually adult binoculars in a child friendly body. Our mission is to make parents happy with their purchase and kids happy with their gift. Many other binoculars were very cute but did not have real optics; others were really good but extremely delicate for a child to handle.



WHAT KIND OF ZOOM IS THE BEST FOR KIDS? After considering different aspects of each different zoom, we came to the conclusion that THE BEST MAGNIFICATION FOR KID'S BINOCULARS IS 8X21.

Let us explain. The first number you see, in this case it’s an 8, indicates the magnification power of the binoculars. An 8x binoculars will magnify things 8 times, which means thing will be 8 times larger and closer than if you were not using binoculars at all. It is important to understand that more magnification decreases the binoculars field of view.

As you increase in number (power) you will have a narrower view. This makes it very difficult for kids to find birds and follow them when they move about through habitat. A magnification of 10x will make birding more challenging for kids, as it will be harder for them to keep their their target in focus and view.

We decided to build our binoculars with BAK 4 prism fully coated optics system because it controls optical reflection. This means your kids will get a SHARP AND COLORFUL IMAGE when using Living Squad Kids Binoculars.


Our binoculars were specially designed to be SAFE AND COMFORTABLEfor your children.

We added larger rubber eyepieces that sit nicely around the eye. This adds comfort because it avoids the eyepieces to poke your child’s eyes when exploring for long hours.

It also adds protection, so if your kid falls while using the binoculars, the soft rubber will not hurt his face.


1. Close your right eye and find an object with your left eye. Rotate focus wheel until the image is sharp and clear

2. Open your right eye and close your left eye. Rotate the right eyepiece until the object is sharp and clear

3. Open both eyes, you should now have a perfect focus.

To focus other objects, you will only need to adjust the center focus wheel.


We really wanted kids to love our binoculars, so we carefully thought of all the features that would make these perfect for kids.

Our binoculars have really cool colors that immediately attract a child sight. We made sure our binoculars are DURABLE AND SHOCKPROOF to provide a better experience for children. These binoculars are also COMPACT to fit a kid’s hand.

We made these lightweight enough to be carried around.

We ADDED MANY ACCESSORIES like a break-away neck strap, a hand strap and a carrying case.

The best part is that these binoculars are easy to use. A child can focus or adjust the binoculars without help of an adult.


We work hard to provide the BEST quality available for children's binoculars. Additionally, we work tirelessly to provide STELLAR CUSTOMER SUPPORT where we will be happy to help you with any issue! This is why we offer a LIFETIME waranty for manufacturing defects.

ACCESSORIES INCLUDED 2 ft. Break-Away Neck Strap,

Hand Strap, Belt Carrying Case, Cleaning Cloth,

Instructions Manual



Magnification: 8x

Objective Lens Diameter: 21 mm

Ocular lens Diameter: 18 mm

Field of view (at 1000 yards): 366 ft

Field of view (at 1000 m): 122 m

Prism Coating: Yes

Number of Lens: 5 Pieces and 3 Groups

Lens Coating: FC

Focus System: Center

Focusing Lens: Obj.

Exit Pupil Distance: 10 mm

Eyecups System: Twist to match eye to eye distance

Angular field of view: 7.1 degrees

Living Squad 8x21Binoculars for Kids

    • Lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects.
    • 30 day money back return policy
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What Customers Are Saying

"True optical device in a childish body"

You might notice that these binoculars are sold by several sellers on Amazon. Although identical looking they come from different manufacturers which was quite confusing to me at first. My understanding is that they use the same casing but instal their own optics inside. I figured it out after comparing product descriptions from these different manufacturers. I chose Living Squad brand because their description was detailed and they gave a specific information about the optics which by the way was better than in many adult binoculars sold on Amazon. I actually bought a pair of adult compact binoculars with very good reviews just for comparison. These babies by Living Squad turned out to be much better! Better clarity, better stability, wider view, easier focus, and more handy, ergonomic design. The body is indeed perfect for kids, sturdy and soft at the same time. You will find yourself fighting with your child over this "toy". Definitely, a five star product." - Pollena*

"Great for a young explorer! Great binoculars! 

My daughter is almost 2 but has been playing with her dads binoculars since she was 9 months old and frequently dropped them and sadly ruined a pair. I wanted to get a pair that she could actually hold up and use, so as usual I browsed through pages and pages on amazon and chose these.

She loves them! And likes to spot birds, airplanes or just look at the world through them.

They are easy to adjust, have a decent range and she can use them for quite some time because they adjust unlike a lot of the kid options that are fixed in one place. They also seem to be pretty durable, she has dragged them on the pavement a few times and they still work great.

They also come with neck and wrist straps, a lense cleaning cloth and a bag.

Also a feature that sold me on this pair is the extra large eye protectors so it’s more comfortable and safer for little toddler eyes!

We have had hours of fun bird watching in the park, on hiking trails, or just sitting on the back porch" - Nicole Corin*


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